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    Metaproteomics allows to characterize microbial communities and host-associated microbiomes on omicsbio level.

    •  The enabling technologies (LC and MS/MS) see major improvements every year, while also the number of metaproteomics experts is growing, which will make metaproteomics measurements more broadly accessible on the near term.
    •  The nascent metaproteomics community has started to organize, and a first set of inter-lab comparison studies is under way to test and validate differing metaproteomics workflows, with the ultimate goal to consolidate and standardize some of the approaches. 
    • Metaproteomics wet labs and computational methods provide niw insights. 
    • Metaproteomics is a tool for the study of host-associated microorganisms.


    Dr. Heather Maughan 

    Dr. Lieven Gevaert, Bio-ir.


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ICL Anti human antibodies  

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